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china latest news about Pressure sensitive adhesive

Pressure sensitive adhesive

[2015-08-14 09:45:18]
Pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of pressure have sensitivity with adhesive. Mainly for the preparation of pressure sensitive adhesive tape. Pressure sensitive adhesive adhesion of (tape and be sticky surface pressure after the stripping performance paste force) must be greater than adhesion ... Read More
china latest news about Tape classification

Tape classification

[2015-08-14 09:45:53]
1 a uv-curable pressure sensitive adhesive preparation methods 2 acrylic polymers combination of things, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and method of preparation 3 acrylic of pressure sensitive adhesive combination content and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape 4 organsilicone-modified ... Read More
china latest news about Superior PORON

Superior PORON

[2015-08-14 09:38:16]
We have PORON in stock!! SR-S-15P SR-S-24P SR-S-32P SR-S-24P SR-S-40P SR-S-70P L-24 L-32 LE-20 LE-20S H-32 H-48 MH-32 MX-48HF ML-24 ML-32 MS-32 MS-40 Read More
china latest news about Tape market analysis

Tape market analysis

[2015-08-14 09:46:56]
The industry with glue amount is large, accounts for about 52% of the total output adhesive products, mainly divided into decoration, seal and three types of structure. In these three categories and decoration industry of with adhesive volume is given priority to, accounting for more than ninety ... Read More
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